Become a world-known star. Today.

About Become a star with Sing-a-song

With the Sing-a-song app you can record you clip in couple of touches, apply video and audio filters and upload it. Become a most popular singer in your city, country or even in the world!

  • SecondsRecord your awesome clip in seconds. Apply powerful realtime audio filter to enchance your voice.
  • iOS AppView most popular records, vote for best of them, chat with your favourite singer on iOS platform.
  • StarParticipate in battles, upload you clips, chat with your fans and become a world-known star!

How it works How to become a star

Song-a-song app provides an ability to record your clips in a seconds. In the other hand it's a very comfortable and fun app for viewers: you always can find very interesting and phenomenal things you never seen before.


How to How to record a clip

  1. Tap red button Tap red record button to open your pocket studio
  2. Choose filters There're awesome audio and video filters, try it out!
  3. Record your clip When you're ready just tap record button again
  4. Upload it Enter title and desciption for your clip and upload it in seconds! You're awesome!
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